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Container Management using Docker

Container Management using Docker
English | Size: 1.61 GB
Category: Engineering

Containers represent a higher-density kind of "virtualization" that can meet the needs of certain scenarios better than traditional hypervisors. Here you'll learn everything you

1 )) Docker and Containers: The Big Picture
2 )) Getting Started with Docker

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Digital Tuto​rs Artist Guide to Mudbox 2011

Digital Tuto​rs Artist Guide to Mudbox 2011
English | Size: 1.42 GB
Category: Tutorial

This collection of videos created by Digital Tutors introduces new users to the features of Mudbox 2011 and takes them through the steps of creating a model from the initial sculpting and texturing, to painting, lighting and exporting to animation software.
0.Introduction and Project Overview
1.Getting Started with Mudbox
2.Sculpting Basics
3.Working with Sculpt Layers
4.Using Vector Displacement Maps
5.Materials and Texture Basics

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English | Size: 277 MB
Category: Tutorial

The product includes Audi Q7, Cadillac CTS, Chrysler 300, Fiat Punto, Ford Mustang, Honda Civic, Mercedes R-Class, Mercedes S-Class, Nissan Altima, Nissan Maxima, Opel Meriva, Range Rover, Saab 93, Toyota Matrix, Toyota RAV4.

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LogoLounge 2: 2,000 International Identities by Leading Designers-PDF

LogoLounge 2: 2,000 International Identities by Leading Designers-PDF
English | Size: 73 MB
Category: Tutorial

If you don?t have a subscription but would still like to see the best logos on the site created by top designers who often maintain low profiles, then LogoLounge II is for you.

Recent noteworthy projects that are claiming the public spotlight are profiled in this book, which covers identities created for various industries such as airlines, networks, dot-coms, banks, and fashion, as well as lesser-known boutique projects in which the designer?s name is larger than the client?s.

The first portion of the book profiles 10 top designers and spotlights their biggest, newest campaigns. A handful of their smaller projects are also featured, including some that have never before been seen. The second half of the book contains almost 2,000 logos organized by client type.

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Dylan Thomas Reading His Complete Recorded Poetry

Dylan Thomas Reading His Complete Recorded Poetry
English | Size: 156.78 MB
Category: Literature

A unique recording with Dylan Thomas reading his own work, as he meant it to be read.

Because Dylan Thomas often wrote as much for the sound of his poetry as for its meaning, he was extraordinarily well-suited to the task of interpreting his own works on audio, the more so for his unforgettably rich, magical voice and dramatic style.

This recording is the preservation of a unique literary resource, a fascinating introduction to the complete experience of Dylan Thomas' manipulation of language. The poems in this collection are those that he most often chose for his famous public readings and can therefore be considered the ones Dylan Thomas himself wanted us to know.

Includes such favourites as Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night, Fern Hill, And Death Shall Have no Dominion plus many more.

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Mike Lipkin - Dancing with Disruption: The 7 secrets to Thriving on Massive Change So the Best People Want to Partner with You

Mike Lipkin - Dancing with Disruption: The 7 secrets to Thriving on Massive Change So the Best People Want to Partner with You
English | Size: 190.46 MB
Category: Tutorial

No matter who you are, part of your job is to be a disruptor. Disruption is radical change that shatters the status quo. We all face a future that is nothing like our past. We can struggle with disruption or we can dance with it. We can each be a disruptor, creating the future one step at a time.

Over the past 25 years, superstar coach Mike Lipkin has studied and worked with thousands of disruptors around the world. In Dancing with Disruption, he shows us that the key to extraordinary success is to have so much fun that we become the source of others' joy.

Category: Tutorials | Keywords: Mike, Lipkin, Dancing, with, Disruption, secrets, Thriving, Massive, Change, Best, People, Want, Partner, with Read More
Digital Tutors - Shader Recipes - Diffraction Grating in Maya

Digital Tutors - Shader Recipes - Diffraction Grating in Maya
English | Size: 127 MB
Category: Tutorial

In this series of lessons we will learn how to simulate the light-scattering appearance of a diffraction grating, which can be seen when looking at the surface of a CD or a DVD. While Maya may not have the capability to simulate a true diffraction grating, we can create a shading network that can very closely mimic the effect. We will learn how to use ramps, layered shaders, anisotropic materials, texture placement nodes, and specular lights to create a realistic rendered CD.

Category: Tutorials | Keywords: Digital, Tutors, Shader, Recipes, Diffraction, Grating, Maya Read More

Animating in 2D Breakdowns and Thumbnails

Animating in 2D: Breakdowns and Thumbnails
MP4 | Video: 720p | Duration: 44:47 | English | Subtitles: VTT | 130.3 MB

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Instagram Guide 2017From Beginner To Expert
Instagram Guide 2017:From Beginner To Expert
MP4 | Video: AVC 1280x720 | Audio: AAC 44KHz 2ch | Duration: 1 Hours | Lec: 10 | 187 MB
Genre: eLearning | Language: English
Learn How To Use Instagram Efficiently And Start Making Money From It
This course will enable you to learn bout:
Customization of your Bio that includes:
ii-Use Of Keywords,

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How to Analyze Multifamily Investment Opportunities
How to Analyze Multifamily Investment Opportunities
MP4 | Video: AVC 1280x720 | Audio: AAC 44KHz 2ch | Duration: 10 Hours | Lec: 82 | 1.54 GB
Genre: eLearning | Language: English
You will learn the professional techniques and investment to assess the quality of the models and analysis of apartment investment proposals
we are going to show you the professional techniques and gives a professional investment model, to help you find a winner.

Category: Tutorials | Keywords: Analyze, Multifamily, Investment, Opportunities Read More
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